Why it works

VI.PT works because there are no fad diets, and we know how to get real results that are easily maintainable for YOU. You’ll be eating healthy, never be hungry, feeling more energised and getting fitter and stronger each week. And you’ll want to keep doing it because you’ll feel GREAT!

Troy can work on whatever problem areas your body may have – ie. if you’re carrying excess fat in a particular area, with BioSignature that can be changed. Pear-shaped is not something you have to be stuck with. And you can say goodbye to being ‘big boned’. You CAN change!

With VI.PT the exercise prescription will vary from week to week and will focus on Fat Loss, Muscle Gain & Strength Gains.

The majority of sessions across ALL VI.PT Training will be weight based resistance training and is structured for ALL fitness levels from the very beginner to the advanced athlete.


This is the quickest way to get you leaner & fitter, by increasing lean muscle mass, burning more fat, getting you stronger.

It’s intense, hard and will test you and one of the best things is – there is no ‘running’, this is not bootcamp, you work at your own pace and most of the time on your own.


What we dostudio4

The training at VI.PT Lifestyle is suited to everyone. Everyone works at their OWN intensity levels & you get out what you put in.
Strength Bags, ViPR’s, Battling Ropes, Sledge Hammers, Med Balls, Boxing sessions, Tabata Sessions, HIIT Sessions will have you engaged and wanting you coming back for more.

It may seem intimidating for the uninitiated, but I can assure you it’s a very relaxed and safe environment – there’s no yelling and screaming and there is virtually NO running.