8 weeks


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5:10am Mon Tue Wed Thur $POA (Sat Free)

6am Mon Wed Fri
6am Tue Thur

9:30am Mon Wed Fri
9:30am Tue Thur

6pm Mon Wed
6pm Tue Thur

7pm Mon Wed
7pm Tue Thur

Payment upfront, cash, eftpos within week one, or weekly/fortnightly/monthly via direct debit,

**Please note Australia Day Public Holiday, NO TRAINING – Price reduced accordingly by one session.

Important Information:

  • You MUST Bring a Hand Towel or Towel to each training session.
  • Water must be in a closed lid bottle. (NO GLASS)
  • Only Water can be consumed in the Studio.
  • No Sports Drink/Shakes/ of any kind in the Studio – Please bring them if you wish, but consume them in the Kitchen.
  • Clean Runners to be worn at all times. (No bare feet)
  • When training with others please be mindful of your personal hygiene
  • No Video or Photos to be taken in the studio. If you want photos of yourself training I will take them of you only if you wish. Images posted on social media are ONLY done so with the consent of the client.
  • No Dropping of the weights. If you can’t control it, you should not be lifting it. (Sometimes this cannot be helped)
  • All equipment to go away at the end of each session unless otherwise advised.
  • Everyone trains to their own fitness levels, there is no competition and we support each other in reaching our goals.

Payment Options:

  • Eftpos, Chq Sav Credit
  • Direct Credit to BSB 083894 Account 118573648
  • Direct Debit (Weekly, Fortnightly, options) – Direct Debit Form
  • Cash/Cheque

Please Note*
* All clients are welcome to train on Saturday’s to complement your during the week training. Training for Saturday’s is $10 p/p and $15 p/p for Non Clients (Ie: If you want to bring a friend)
* You can only train in your allocated time slot OR subject to availability in other sessions.
* You cannot transfer your training position to another person.
* There is no ‘cooling off’ period. If you sign up then you are committed for the allocated term, however I’m happy to assist if some unforeseen event occurs.