Sick and Tired

exhaustedSick and tired of constantly being …sick n tired?

All that can change – and it’s NOT hard. With a change in diet to healthy and delicious food that you can easily prepare yourself and some exercise you’ll soon start to feel full of energy, clear headed, relaxed and happy. You’ll also be training with a group of people who – just like you – we’re not fit, healthy or happy. It’s not bootcamp and there’s (yay) NO RUNNING! And you can go at your own pace. Troy keeps an eye on what each person is doing, how they’re travelling with the program and where changes need to be made to keep them happy and motivated.

Become one of the VIPT team and say goodbye to ‘sick n tired’. Try it – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What we do

The training at VI.PT Lifestyle is suited to everyone. Everyone works at their OWN intensity levels & you get out what you put in.
Strength Bags, ViPR’s, Battling Ropes, Sledge Hammers, Med Balls, Boxing sessions, Tabata Sessions, HIIT Sessions will have you engaged and wanting you coming back for more.

It may seem intimidating for the uninitiated, but I can assure you it’s a very relaxed and safe environment – there’s no yelling and screaming and there is virtually NO running.