Hi, my name is Troy Tremellen.

Born and raised in Shepparton, married to Leanne with 2 beautiful kids (8yo boy & 7yo girl)trem1

Back in late 2008 I was 92+kg and had a body fat percentage of 30 and was a smoker/drinker. ‘Obese’ said the BMI (Body Mass Index) Me? Really? Surely not? Looking in the mirror, embarrassed and not being happy with what I had become, I was tired, ill and over it.

I had always been active as teenager and then I suppose once I had left school, life takes over, you start to forget about yourself and just ‘go through the motions’ until one day you realise Whoa!! I have to change or my kids will not have a father! For me, it was that simple.

In December 2008 I started reading online about exercise and nutrition for the whole month and made a commitment to myself that come the 5th January 2009 I was going to start my new life.

I made changes with my work to lessen the stress, I made nutritional changes and I exercised every second day in my home shed – on freezing cold mornings to hot summer nights – there were no excuses.

I utilised an Internet forum where I exchanged training programs and nutritional information with fellow enthusiasts. I wrote down my short term goals and my long term goals and I ticked them off when I reached them. It is really important to get your goals down on paper – you have to hold yourself accountable to them, review it daily, weekly, monthly…..You are the only person that can achieve your own goals, not your friends, not your family – JUST YOU..!

Trema-familyWith the help of some friends in England, Spain & America we soon started our own online forum which has been running successfully for over 12 months with 300+ members from around the globe, all searching for the better way of life.

In 2010 I set a goal to enter the ‘Men’s Fitness Magazine – Australia’s Fittest Bloke Challenge’. I sent in my training regime, eating plan & 2 photos. I was chosen with 70 other blokes from around Australia to compete in the event at Sydney’s Health & Fitness Expo in April 2011. To go from 30% Body Fat to 10% from my start weight, to event weight and compete against some of Australia’s fittest blokes was a massive achievement & honour.

The event consisted of a CrossFit based circuit known as ‘Fight Gone Bad’ (Variation) Each Competitor in their heat was allocated a judge. He counts your repetitions and watches your form. Any poor form and the repetition are not counted. 5 Exercises consisting of 1min at each station before moving to the next station with NO rest. After the 5 exercises there was a 1 minute rest before repeating the circuit again another 2 times for a total 15 minute workout with a 2 min rest effectively.

Rowing Machine, 60cm Box Jump, 40kg (88lb) Sumo High Pull, 40kg (88lb) Push Press, Chin Ups

I completed 198 counted reps. Middle of the pack for the event. I was very happy to give it my all and to get through. It was great to have my wife Leanne, my parents Daryl & Jenny & my training partner Rob ‘Burger’ Burgess there cheering me on.
So my passion for health & fitness has evolved from a passion to live again. I set goals every year, month & day as I’m always trying to learn more, do more and be more – it’s a never ending process.

It’s now time for me to pass on the gift of Fitness, Nutritional Guidance and Motivation so that everyone can experience their own healthy life journey and be happy!

The training at VI.PT Lifestyle is suited to everyone. Everyone works at their OWN intensity levels & you get out what you put in.
Strength Bags, ViPR’s, Battling Ropes, Sledge Hammers, Med Balls, Boxing sessions, Tabata Sessions, HIIT Sessions will have you engaged and wanting you coming back for more.

It may seem intimidating for the uninitiated, but I can assure you it’s a very relaxed and safe environment – There’s no yelling and screaming and there is virtually NO Running.

You are only accountable to yourself. You don’t have to be the best; you just have to give your best.

My goal is to start you on your Journey; my wish is that you continue it.photo 1 copy 6
Troy Tremellen

Every day you wake up,
every time you train, every time you eat,
you should always try to be a better
person than you were yesterday.


Education, Certifications

Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner:

Skin Fold / Body Fat % analysis, Nutrition and Supplementation Protocols for fat loss and lean muscle gains.

Poliquin Group:

PICP Level 1 & Level 2

Upper/Lower Body Structural Balance, Program Design, Training Various Strength Qualities for Athletic Development

Charles Poliquin:

Strength Training the Athlete

3 Day Internship


Tewson Performance / Enterprise Fitness:

Training the Fight Athlete (MMA/Boxing)

Program Design and Nutritional aspects of the fight game.


Clean Health:

Training the Strength Athlete

Level 1 and 2 Clean Health Internship

iNutrition Software & Program Design


Enterprise Fitness:

3 Day Training / Nutrition Internship

Training the Female Physique Competitor


Industry Required & Other Certifications:

– Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)

– PunchFit Certified Instructor (Boxing)

– ViPR Certified Instructor

– Senior First Aid Certified

– Member of Fitness Australia

– Fully Insured Public Liability


Chamber of Commerce Awards:

– Finalist Best New Business 2014

– Finalist Best Customer Service 2015


Ongoing Study:

– Precision Nutrition Level 1 (US based)

– Strength Training Anatomy

– Fascial Stretching Techniques